Mozart in 1790 : a playlist

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Mozart in 1790 : a playlist

Mozart in 1790

On 26 January 1790, the first performance of Cosi fan tutte takes place at the Burgtheater in Vienna.

That same year, Mozart drafts a petition to request the position of second kapellmeister to the court and writes the two Prussian Quartets K.589 & K.590.

He visits his wife Constanze at Baden, where she is taking a cure. On 23 September, he leaves for Frankfort with Franz Hofer for the coronation of the new Emperor Leopold II. Mozart performs a “grand concert” in Frankfort, followed by another one in Mainz.

On 10 November, Mozart returns to Vienna, in the new family lodging of the Rauhensteingasse. On 14 December 1790, he attends a farewell dinner for Haydn, who is leaving for London. Haydn and Mozart were never to see each other again…


Listen to all the works composed by Mozart in 1790 in our playlist


Watch this stunning performance of Cosi fan tutte, directed by John Eliot Gardiner.


The Köchel Catalogue

List of Mozart’s compositions in 1790

106Overture & 3 ContradansesViennaX Supplement
312Allegro of a Piano SonataG minorViennaIX/25 Piano sonatas
323Kyrie (Fragment)C MajorViennaI/1 Masses and Requiem
458bMovement for String QuartetB Flat MajorViennaVIII/20 String Quartets and Quartets with a Wind Instrument
588Cosi fan tutteViennaII/5 Operas and Singspiels
589Quartet for Strings #22B Flat MajorViennaVIII/20 String Quartets and Quartets with a Wind Instrument
590Quartet for Strings #23F MajorViennaVIII/20 String Quartets and Quartets with a Wind Instrument
591Instrumentation of Handel’s “Alexander’s Feast”ViennaX Supplement
592Instrumentation of Handel’s “Ode to Saint Cecilia”ViennaX Supplement
593Quintet for StringsD MajorViennaVIII/19 String quintets and quintets with winds
593aAllegro for Mechanical OrganD minorViennaIX/27 Piano Pieces
594Adagio & Allegro for Mechanical OrganF minorViennaIX/27 Piano Pieces
625Comic duet “Nun liebes Weibchen”ViennaX Supplement
323aGloriaC MajorViennaI/1 Masses and Requiem
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